Food Bank in Oliver – 2018 – a year of progress

The Oliver Food Bank is pleased to announce its successful application for a ‘Perishable Food Refrigeration Grant’.

This grant was arranged through Food Banks BC with funds provided by the province of British Columbia to assist food banks across B.C. with financial assistance to increase their refrigeration capacity.

At the Oliver Food Bank this grant provided funding to upgrade the cold storage area to a walk-in freezer, funded the addition of a walk-in cooler and the purchase of a refrigerated van.


a new truck for pick ups and deliveries

Do not be confused – local donations NOT being used for these improvements. $15 thousand for the freezer and $ 40 thousand for the walk in cooler.

they had a room – it became a walk in freezer

What can you do? Get involved.
First volunteer.
Second say I can help into the future.
Third – what is needed is commitment – many of the present volunteers in their 70’s and 80’s – they worry about who will replace them. It is a well run organization – doing extremely well in its mission. Try to help

Jim Oullette in new addition to the build a walk in cooler

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2 Responses to Food Bank in Oliver – 2018 – a year of progress

  1. Carolyn Tipler says:

    Thanks for this update now how about some contact information for those who would be interested to volunteer. Happy New Year to all at ODN

  2. Jen Allgeier says:

    Great news, Jim!

    It will help with all of the wonderful work you and the volunteers do for our community.

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