Funds found for access problem at Town Building

Earlier this year – a grant application was made to find funds to improve access to the Municipal Building at 6173 Kootenay Street (Medical Building and Town Council Chambers).

There had been complaints about access and councillors were eager to have it fixed.

That grant application failed. Enter another project with an excess of funds – the hike and bike path for east side of river.

$38000 became available due to a quality grant from the BC government that will pay all cost of the hike and bike paving.

Council resolved to go ahead with the work on the municipal building – removing all concrete sidewalks/ramps presently on the west side of the building, redo drains off roof, create a dry well for drainage, re-do sidewalk and install ramping from the street to door entrance with a handrail. Two of the doors on the building will  be refitted with automatic opening devices to make it easier to get into the building and medical office.

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