Got two pieces of mail today…..see notice below

Heard on the news

Canada Postal Service is now NOT on strike

Will service improve?

Are the employees happy?

Am I ?

Ok guys let us make a deal and brag

that CPO provides best service and has

employees to prove it

2 Replies to “Got two pieces of mail today…..see notice below”

  1. As a former resident of Oliver, and a lifelong resident of Canada before I moved to the U.S., I very much agree that Canada Post employees always delivered friendly and courteous service. In the Okanagan, I never had an issue dealing with the local employees in Oliver, Osoyoos, Penticton, etc.
    However, having lived in the U.S. now for over a year, I would definitely take exception to the statement that CPO ” provides best service “. Compared to the service residents receive here in the U.S., the comparisons aren’t even close. Here we receive service to the door or group mail boxes 6 days a week, and even special deliveries in the evening. Service is just as friendly and courteous as in Canada, and less expensive even when you factor in the exchange rate.
    Being of a certain vintage (!!), in Canada I lived through a myriad of postal strikes/disruptions back when mail was more important, and how inconvenient that always was.
    Always a proud Canadian, but not a big supporter of Canada Post, either when I lived in Canada, or now, here in the U.S., when I see how a postal service should work.

  2. Glad that this has been resolved. Despite the rotating interruptions in service I mailed two small parcels to England on November 14th and they were received across the pond on November 22nd and 24th respectively so no complaints about that service.

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