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rcmp logoThe, “Alexa’s Team” program was developed in the wake of the
death of 4 1/2 year old Alexa Middelaer.

She was struck and killed by an impaired driver. Since her death, the men and women who police our province have been challenged to remove impaired drivers from our
roadways. In order to be named to “Alexa’s Team” you must have achieved a minimum of 20 such removals, either through an immediate roadside probation, or through Criminal Code charges.

Laurel Middelaer, Alexa’s mother, said that when the program was
first launched in 2008 she and her husband hoped, that by 2013 (when
Alexa would have turned 10) the program could achieve a 35% drop in
fatalities caused by impaired drivers. That goal has been surpassed, as
the most recent numbers indicate there has been a 46% reduction in such

On April 29th, 2014 Cst Matt ANDREASEN of the Oliver RCMP Detachment
will be recognized at a ceremony being held at the Quigley Elementary
School, Kelowna, as one of this years recipients of the Alexa’s Team for
his dedicated effort in keeping our roads safe.

During the 2013 year Cst ANDREASEN accumulated an impressive 28 alcohol related officer violator which consisted of both Immediate Roadside Prohibitions and 24
Hour Suspensions.

Well Done Matt!


Update on fires under investigation

House fire on Main Street will be categorized
as undetermined cause at this point and will be continuously investigated based on information received from both the public and other sources of information.

On the Nk’Mip / McKinney Road forest fires.  The Forest Services
investigators have determined that the fires are human caused and not
likely unintentional.  Those fires will continue to be investigated
based on information received from both the public and other sources.

source: Sgt. Ken Harrington

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