Is this a neighbourhood….. or a new village ?

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6 Responses to Is this a neighbourhood….. or a new village ?

  1. Della Hochstein says:

    It is a community that is part of the community of Oliver. It is a wonderful place to live, where neighbours get to know each other and keep an eye out for each other. We also support the local businesses of both Oliver and Osoyoos.

  2. Justine Estey-Jones says:

    This is an amazing community within the already great community of Oliver! A real gem that we luckily discovered and now own two homes here – obviously true believers. After living all my life in Vancouver, I was adamant that I could never relocate to a a small town – what if it’s loney… or boring? The Cottages is warm and friendly and has everything we could want. Our own water and wastewater treatment facilities make us self contained and more modern than many municipalities! The beautiful commmunty centre provides us with excellent amenities including a gym, pools and hot tubs. We have everything but are stil so close to Oliver and Osoyoos that we truly have it all! No regrets here and living a great life!

  3. Dale Dodge says:

    Looks like just a bunch of Cottages…

  4. Peter Archer says:

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  5. Eric Van Maren says:

    It’s a community of 285 homes of which 221 are sold to date. Most residents live here year round, with others using it as a vacation home. The community is known for it’s beach, large well-appointed clubhouse, 20 acres of open space, walking trails, boat slips, and spectacular views from the hillside homes.

  6. Carolyn Tipler says:

    Possibly a hamlet as there is no church

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