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Do you want a strong core?

Many people seem to like the buzz word ‘core’ but I usually refer to the core as trunk, as it gives those who don’t understand what the core really is a more accurate picture. But I will use the core word today.

Don’t waste any more time doing sit-ups! Instead do what needs to be done; do core exercises that are safe and effective. Here are some tips…

Be sure to always warm up before starting your training.

Core training, which is usually mistaken as ab exercises, can be broken down into three types:

Isometric Tension – this means being able to brace and maintain a position.

Rotation (moving strength) – our bodies are designed to bend, ‘twist’ and throw etc., so we need to be able to maintain control while moving.

Anti-Rotation – being able to maintain a position or resist an external force while being pulled.

There is more for the core, but using these three concepts, you have unlimited movements to build on and strengthen with each variation.

Here are a few you can give a try to:

Isometric: plank.

Planking with no load will get you ready to lift loads properly & safely.

Rotation: ball rotates.

(I prefer to not use the word twist as it may give some an image of wringing out a towel… and who wants to do that to their spine?)

We want to use our core muscles to rotate rather than ‘twisting’ our back. Never rotate using your low back!

Anti-Rotation: palof press.

Pay attention to maintaining proper position so imbalances don’t increase.

Did you know that a weak core can lead to pain and injury not only for your core but for your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles? When you don’t move your core properly and move the wrong way, the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles follow along. This can lead to years of ongoing issues. Using the above exercises in your routine will help you to develop a strong core. Having a strong core will enable you to move better and prevent pain and injury. The next time you think about doing sit ups for your ab exercises, do your core a favour and work to strengthen it.

Hire a personal trainer to teach you how to do the exercises properly so you can be safe and injury free. A google search may get you into a lot of trouble!

All exercises that I suggest are for the average healthy adult. Please consult your health care provider before starting any new exercise program.

Practice makes permanent.

Consistency is key.

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