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Rest & Recovery ~ Part 1 Sleep:

Rest & recovery are critical components of any successful training program.

Rest is time spent sleeping & time that you are not training.

Recovery can be referred to as repair. A whole body/mind repair. Overall wellness. Sleep, water, nutrition & posture are at the top of the list.

Sleep is the most important time for recovery. Getting enough sleep promotes mental wellness, hormonal balance & allows our muscles to mend.

Getting to bed at a decent time is beneficial for your health, whereas wasting precious time in front of the tv or computer not so much. For those who don’t sleep well, this is even more important. You need to allow yourself even more time to make up for the sleepless moments throughout the night. Research shows that hours spent sleeping before midnight are most productive.

Having your bedroom dark & cool for sleeping is optimal. So it’s best to keep the electronics out of the bedroom.

Train yourself to wake up at the same time every morning until it becomes natural & you no longer need an alarm to wake you. Research says to wake up with the sun but in the ‘sunny’ Okanagan during the winter months, we’d be hibernating :)

Is your health & well being important enough to you for you to discipline yourself to make sure you get enough sleep at least most nights of the week? Now is a good time to get started. It’s dark so early & who isn’t tired these days? Get some rest & that all important recovery time in, especially if you are a very active person.

Enjoy your R&R
Sweet Dreams :)

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