Letter to the editor

What is the Oliver Daily News to me?

O is for OLIVER a great place to live and a little bit of paradise in the beautiful South Okanagan.

L is for LIVE news and updates, all day long, every day.

I is for INTERACTIVE, I can post a comment, send a picture, respond to a poll.

V is for VISTA, ODN’s outstanding banner pictures.

E is for EVENTS, local or otherwise.

R is for REALLY REFRESHING READ, I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the same old news sources I’ve been consuming for years. ODN is a refreshing read.

D is for DEBATE, often spirited and entertaining.

A is for AWARENESS of the happenings and events in my community.

I is for INTERACTION (yes different than interactive), I am able to interact with others in my community on various issues.

L is for LOL, see D above.

Y is for YOGA (okay, this was a tough one…not many Y words to choose from) The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means ” to join” or “to yolk”. I am joined with my community through ODN and I find myself in the “present” when on this site. (Yes, I am a practicing yogi).

N is for NEWS, breaking news, local, regional, national, international, business and financial, economic, entertainment and celebrity, health and education, arts and culture, sports, politics, science and technology.

E is for ENTERTAINING, sometimes very!

W is for WEBSITE, this one is bookmarked in my favorites.

S is for SEVEN, the average time in minutes I spend at one sitting reading my ODN.

Julie Martineau

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