Letter to the editor

Oliver Daily News is a marvelous opportunity to allow my opinions and memories to be voiced throughout the world, to the benefit of the many former students who attended the Oliver schools since the schools began.

My memories of my years in Oliver continue surfacing unabated. My father, Wally Smith, wrote 25 years of newspaper columns from which I draw resource material.

I still have family and friends with whom I keep in touch with. Oliver Daily News helps me to keep up with current events which may or may not affect me but knowing about them is important to me.

It has been said that you can take the boy out of Oliver but you cannot take Oliver out of the boy. I am one of those who’s roots go deep and of course family and friends is what motivates me to return and visit.

I will continue to read and be part of the Oliver Daily News for it has become an important addition in staying informed.

Laird Smith

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