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New Legislation now allows licensing of off road vehicles. (ORV)

The RDOS trail system should have priority to spend money first on the area of public access to trails as a first priority to prevent future restrictions or closures.

ORV riders need access to booklets and courses as to riding, identifying flora and fauna and geological sites. It would be useful to review mechanical systems of the ATV and how to set up the front end to-in of the tires to prevent tearing up the landscape. The value of lower powered engines and use of a geared transmission instead of automatic. The importance of a front end non slip differential.
All should carry a folding saw to remove small brush or trees from the trail thus preventing going around and perhaps injuring themselves or the riders with you.

I have an objection of a concentrated use of the area between Shuttleworth Creek and Mclean Creek because it is a prime area for Bighorn Sheep known as the Thomas Herd. I am sure the SOSA will be in agreement with me.

A reminder that ATV are licensed and pedal bikes are not licensed and therefor do not contribute financially.

Below a list of blocked or restrict access in the area.

David G Evans

Kapoola Lake area. And area beyond. Restricted and gated.
Richter Lake, old access road. And from Richter Ranch to Richter Mountain and Kobo Mountain. No access.
Mica Creek no access
Testalinda Creek, no access
Tin Horn Creek restricted access
Read Creek to Tin Horn Creek, known as Golden Mile Trail. Fairview Cemetery, Old Sky Hill, cross over to North side of Reed Creek. Old road up to Piper’s, Old trail up to pipeline. All areas closed.
Old road from Fairview Mine to Reed Creek, restricted.
From Upper Suzie Mine to Madden Lake. Gated
From Suzie Mine to Victoria Creek, Gated.
Orofino Mine Site East side Gate locked, West side from Twin Lakes road de-activated.
Horn Lake west to highway, closed
McIntire Creek gated, from McIntire Creek to Shuttleworth Creek, gated. From McIntire Creek to Grouse Mountain, gated.
West Side of Vaseaux Lake, restricted or closed
Manual’s Canyon, closed. Best area for Reptiles.
McIntire Canyon, closed. One of our best geological sites.
Okanagan River Dykes. Not open to powered wheels
Rail Road – most areas closed.
Many Orchards & Vineyards are fenced with a deer fence as a requirement of Crop Insurance. Can be considered as restricted or closed asses to Crown Lands.
All lands belonging to Nature Trust. Restricted or closed

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