Letter to the editor – open letter

From: Rick Knodel

To: The Honorable Dick Canning Member of Parliament.

Dear Sir;  I have read much of your published material that is critical of the environmental stewardship of the lands on the east side of Osoyoos Lake all the way up to Oliver. I too see that with dismay but realize that the controls of those lands are not of our jurisdiction.

I am very distressed with your support for the proposed South Okanagan national park now that I have read the Osoyoos Indian Band / Syilx nations draft plans and all the feasibility studies for the south Okanagan.

I trust that you understand that these plans call for major developments inside what are currently protected lands. These development plans are to be extensive enough to accommodate and entertain numbers starting at 300,000 people in our 2 to 4 month summer period.

This will put lands that parks Canada has stated openly are now very well managed and are very delicate under extreme duress from development and human traffic.

Inside the Osoyoos Indian Band/Syilx nation drafts are plans to further expand these developments to attract even more visitors into the winter months.

This has been brought to my attention by a number of concerned citizens uncomfortable with the negative perceptions placed on those who disagree with this project.

It is concerning also that the feasibility study is demanding expansion on the west of the Okanagan valley up to Giants Head and on the east up to Rattlesnake Island. These expansions, once the seed park was established could and would be rapid and without public consultation as is allowed by Bill C-27 of the Canada Parks Act.

Having been as outspoken as you have in the past about these very issues of environmental mismanagement, of the same type on the east side of the valley; I can only conclude that your support for this project was misguided.

With these facts in mind I can only trust that you will do the honorable action of withdrawing your support for this project.

I will post this in the media as I am sure your constituents will be interested in your reply.


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8 Responses to Letter to the editor – open letter

  1. Pat Hampson says:

    Local politicians do not receive a pension!

    • neil seidler says:

      Pat we all know local politicians don’t get a pension. We are talking Provincial and Federal politicians concerning this National Park Reserve. We need some people to run as independents and show the currant parties they can’t just push us around.

      Publisher: BC provincial politicians lost their pension during the Harcourt years – not sure for how long. Think Campbell actually brought it back.

      ◦An MLA is not entitled to a pension unless he or she has served in the Legislature for at least six years

      The key Neil is find a person running for federal politics who sides with your position. At the last election forum I think all the parties and candidates favoured a National Park – no matter how misguided they were or are (language clarified).

    • Dave drought says:

      Publisher: Maybe the last line should read “no matter how misguided they/we are”. Considering lack of info in total.

  2. Bill Eggert says:

    With the new buzz phrase “Unceded territory” being bantered about, does Dick really have any say any more? Do we?
    I think it’s time to get this all out on the table.

  3. neil seidler says:

    I have heard from a number of sources that Interior Health has some very scary plans in the works. What effect will the elimination of Care Aids at South Okanagan General Hospital have on the hospital operation, patients and all 300,000 plus Park visitors. Seems that telling us one thing to stop massive protesting, then doing what we would have stopped by protesting. They told us we wouldn’t see the power sub-station from the highway to the north, we wouldn’t see the prison, I see it from town, we wouldn’t hear the cars racing at area 27, we do. Now the National Park Reserve forced on us without a proper say in the matter. Maybe it’s time that we, at the ballot box, make sure that no elected official gets a second term. Think of the money we would save on their overly generous pension plan alone.

  4. Hagen Kruget says:

    Dick Canning. Waiting?

    • Dan Friesen says:

      My wife and I are very much in favour of the proposed National Park. Thank you Dick Channing for your support.

    • David Sabyan says:

      It is not proposed as a National Park. The most recent “proposal” is a National Park Reserve. It is important to be correctly informed as this is a significant difference.

      Publisher: I don’t think most people see much of a distinction but I will research the difference. I have asked Dick Cannings to provide a link to a definition of the difference. The only thing I have been able to determine is that a park reserve is a park waiting for a legal designation.

      Dick Cannings says What I understand is that National Park Reserves are essentially National Parks that have been created in areas where aboriginal rights and title are still unsettled.

      That’s pretty much every park since the 1970s (Kluane, Pacific Rim, Gwaii Hanaas, Gulf Islands, etc.). I’m not sure if Wikipedia is reputable but that’s kind of what they say. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Parks_Act_(Canada)

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