MP gets an earful in Oliver

Dick Cannings is not a coward – he knows what happens when you walk into a swarm of hornets. The local MP made it known he was coming to Oliver and the “No Park” folk made full use of the opportunity to have an open-forum outside of a local café on Fairview Rd.

Estimate of crowd plus 60.

The encounter started with a formation of signs, small, large, some made at home – other the professional kind – then the MP arrived riding his cycle on a tour of his riding – but honestly no one really seemed to be listening.

Couple of points I heard clearly. One woman said she had attended a recent meeting with the Federal Minister Catherine McKenna who stated to her “the decision has been made – get used to it”. MP Cannings said a National Park will bring more resources to the valley to help with conservation but his arguments fell on deaf ears because the local message was – people from outside are planning on tampering with our land at our expense. Cannings also stated he was not the type to change his mind – he wants a park and says the benefits far outweigh the downside.

As stated here before – this area will never be Banff or Jasper but no one really can describe just what will happen once the signs go up – “NEW National Park”.

A mistrust of many governments levels on the mind of the crowd.

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  1. Publisher says:

    I would be less than honest if I did not say when people push – I might push back. Jack Bennest does have his views but has little time to construct highly professional and objective “Editorials” – The local newspaper has a week to publish – I might have half an hour before moving onto another juicy item.

    Many people enjoy the comment section even more than the news and what that ‘Publisher Guy says. Thanks.

    The advertisers obviously like the stats as the commercial content shows this week for sure.

    As to the target of some of my sparring – they are all adults and know exactly what they are doing when making a comment that IS NOT objective in its approach.

    • Ed Machial says:

      As I work on more flood mitigation in prep for next year, I’ve had time to reflect on your comment about organization and Jack, you are correct, the “No” side lacks organization. But If one takes the time, you realize that the “Yes NPR” side has the endless financial backing of the taxpayer.

      Unfortunately because of this fact, the government can hire all the professional propagandist it wants for the “Yes” side, yet the defending the “No” side is left up to folks that already have a ton on their plate. It’s ironic that ALL the people on the “NO” side, are paying for the “YES” side.

      I agree, its time to get organized, and although I too have way to much on my plate, I will have no problem putting money in the pot to get some professional help for the “No” side!

  2. Tony Iannella says:

    As was asked of Mr. Cannings at this meeting, if there truly is a majority of support for this park, why not hold a referendum and put this to rest once and for all?

    Mr. Cannings made it very clear that HE wants this park and he stated that it doesn’t matter what his constituents want, he will not represent a view which opposes his.

    As a side note, I’m curious as to why anyone who comments here is obliged to leave their first and last names as well as email when the person writing the story does not have to provide even their first name.

    Publisher: Tony if you do not know who is writing the stories – you really are in the shadow of a dark cloud. BTW I had mentioned at the time of the ‘NO PARK’ petition – that the wrong person was behind it. The organizer discouraged press coverage. I have always said that the NO PARK side is not well organized. 60 people at a protest Tuesday on a huge issue. 400 plus people at the community hall on the crime issue.

    You might want to consider the views of those of us in the middle who believe both sides are very close together on what is needed to protect our environment and the words, signs, shouting, bullying and expressive behavior do nothing but divide us. Yesterday I called you Tony and you did not respond -‘ hi Jack’. It is ODN policy that all participation on the website from outside requires both a first and last name, an email and sometimes a civic address if a comment raises legal issues.

  3. Hillary Frank says:

    To be fair, after seeing cellphone footage of the protest I understand why no one was listening and why he was not willing to discuss it further at that time. Dick Cannings didn’t even get a chance to finish a sentence before another person would cut him off, yell or say very negative responses to him. If you wanted a discussion you should have asked for one. You wanted a protest, so he was under no obligation to stay around and chat after that experience. Protest and discussion are two very different things.

  4. Brent Redenbach says:

    sounds like they already have made THE decision….sad,that people who never really use the land and sit behind a desk or tv and look out the window have made decisions for many of US…..

  5. Ed Machial says:

    We (my wife, my employee and myself) were unaware that there was to be a demonstration about the park in town. We took the opportunity to take our No NPR signs, and waited patiently on the bike path for MP Cannings to come along.

    To our disgust “Dick” didn’t even have the balls to speak to us until after he had past. All he had to say was “here we go again”. I mentioned we should get serious about the park, he simply rode away!

    We were not obstructing his path, but simply wanted a few minutes to convey our very real concerns. I was appalled by the way we were treated considering he works for us! If I treated my customers the way he treated us they would never darken my door again!

    This just goes to prove that this not about true conservation or local impact, but about money and prestige for a few.

    Thankfully we were graced by two ladies here from Vancouver, enjoying our beautiful area. They stopped to ask us about the NPR and our NO signs. After explaining the issues they were upset by the fact that free access to public lands was at risk of being taken away from us! They were so upset by our MP’s poor attitude that they decided to “natter” at him as they proceeded south.

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