No pulled pork today

4:20 am Saturday

Lions Park

House of Hogs – BBQ stand aflame. Oliver Fire Department on the scene. Undetermined cause. Trailer not full engulfed in flames but a lot of
smoke and water damage. Police called.

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2 Responses to No pulled pork today

  1. Alyssa Hughes says:

    The headline is very insensitive considering this man is an incredible asset to our small community who is incredibly well loved by all. Somebody doing this is terrible enough. Please consider, out of respect, changing the byline to reflect the deep sadness the community feels.

    Perhaps we can come together to help him rebuild his trailer or repair the damages?

  2. Sam Tibbitt says:

    Hi Jack. Fire out thanks to the outstanding Oliver Volunteer Fire dept. Dealing with insurance right now but will be closed for the remainder of the season. Plan is to reopen Spring 2018.

    Thanks for all the support from around town.

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