Note from Nadine

Our family has set up a fund raiser for my mother-inlaw who has lived in Oliver for a long time.

Ruth Poirier has been an active member at the Oliver Seniors Centre, playing cards, dancing, and bingo.

“We are trying to raise money to help pay some of the costs of getting a medical Flight home for our very special grandma, mother, and friend. Ruth went on a holiday to visit family in Ontario from her home town in Oliver.

While in Ontario, she suffered a debilitating stroke. Being the fighter that she is, she has come through the first weeks of this emergency, and now needs and wants to get home. Even though health care in Canada is universal, it does not cover ANY of the costs of a person in this situation who is trying to get home between provinces in Canada. The funds we are trying to raise will not cover all of these expenses, but any assistance would be a really huge step toward paying for getting her home, where she will continue to get the medical care she needs. She is not well enough to travel on a commercial flight, so the costs to bring her home are very high.

Please help if you can”. : From Nadine Evans

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