Oliver – the brand to remember

The Branding Blueprint and Usage Guide project is coming to a close. Our research and workshops are complete and we have combed through our community input.
The branding committee working closely with our contractor has renewed Oliver’s Brand Identity.
Munday Media & Design is the lead contract holder on this project. “After much work with the committee, we have created a refreshed brand to represent our community,”Tony Munday says, “The biggest change is in our tagline. For ease of communication we have updated from ‘The Wine Capital of Canada’ to ‘Canada’s Wine Capital’.
New versions of the logos have been created, the colours have been refreshed, fonts adjusted and a full set of brand standards have been created. “
See the new logos here: https://bit.ly/2OvrZWH.
A local brand launch ceremony and cake cutting will occur in front of Town Hall at 9:30 am on Thursday, August 9th. We invite the community to join us. The new brand will start appearing throughout the community over the next couple weeks. The welcome signs will be updated and new street banners will be going up showcasing the new brand and some of our communities feature events. Keep your eyes open for the launch of the new towns website,
www.oliver.ca, and the release of the new digital community photo-bank… coming soon. The brand is open to the community and the public is encouraged to use it in their promotions.
To learn more about the new brand an information booth will be set up at the Oliver Roots andFruits Expo on Saturday August 18th. Come by to learn about the identied attributes that personify Oliver, our secondary tag lines and storytelling.

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7 Responses to Oliver – the brand to remember

  1. Michael Guthrie says:

    Let’s remember, this and other issues will be discussed at the Crime For Change, South Okanagan Crime For Change forum in Oliver at the community center, in the park. August 28th 2018 at 6:30. Michael Guthrie 587-988-7337

  2. Greta Karner says:

    Will the giant sign coming into town need updating? Expensive…unnecessary.

  3. Tony Munday says:

    Hello. The entire project was funded by a rural dividend fund grant.

    • Barbara Burns says:

      The rural dividend fund grant was entirely funded by the taxpayers. Not needed. A waste and make waste project.

    • Carolyn Tipler says:

      Was that under First Intake Project or Second Intake Project?

  4. Greta Karner says:

    I was asking myself what this cost Oliver taxpayers. There are so many prior needs in Oliver. An updated logo? Was it really needed? A priority? It’s time for change in Oliver’s town council, from His Lordship on down.

  5. Lee Ann Wilson says:

    You should all be fired. Period! Again using Tax payers money for this ridiculous change. How much has this cost??? The public needs to know. All the Logos have to changed on the Municipal vehicles, Letter heads on paper, On line advertising as in web site, paying Mr. Munday etc… It just goes on with this counsel.

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