Oliver Town Council – two briefs

Zoning Bylaw 1380

Petition to not change allowable businesses (including existing)  in industrial zone – one owner has a rock crushing event once a year but council seems to have bowed to pressure and will allow day to day, year round gravel crushing in the M-1 Industrial Zone. To quote Mayor Ron Hovanes – there are more complaints about trying remove some items from the list of permitable business than there are for the actual affects of some heavy industrial uses.

Council decision 4 to 1.

Smoke Free Bylaw  1375

After a 90 minute discussion about gravel crushing, petitions brought forward etc council got to the decision making part of the meeting but in the final analysis disregarded staff, argued endlessly  and made no decision other than to defer until a future meeting time. What started as a No Smoke policy in Oliver morphed into an never ending list of questions, answers, changes in language until most were bored with it and the question deferred yet again.

Councillor Petra Veintimillia summed it up best. We are about to be in the busiest period of park usage and we have not agreed on the Smoke Free bylaw in parks as requested. Mayor Ron Hovanes, just back from two weeks in Hawaii said hotels there are…. NO SMOKING zones, as are the beaches – “why are trying to define the exclusions/”. Councillor Dave Mattes stated this started as a no smoking in the parks idea and ballooned into a complete ban in most if not all places in Town.

It’s back to the drawing board.



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