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The Eyelids

When Duet. 32:10 promises that God will guard us as the “apple of His eye” we would be wise to ask ourselves how that is done. We are able to guard, protect and care for the well-being of the eye with the eyelid. The eyelid consists of skin and muscle that provide the following care for our eyes.

Eyelids blink regularly during waking hours to keep the conjunctiva and cornea moist. Without that it would dry up and become useless. Our soul needs regular care too.

Eyelids close automatically if an object threatens to touch the eye. The eyelids have eyelashes that help to keep some dust and tiny particles away. The seventh cranial nerve can quickly close the eyelids and the third cranial nerve opens them. Our spiritual life is constantly the target of attack.

Eyelids spread a cleansing, lubricating and disinfecting liquid over the eye to keep it from being contaminated. The Meibomian glands provide the fluids for this, including tears. A duct at the interior corner of the eye can carry excess or used fluid into the nasal cavity which is why we often have to blow our noses when crying. Regular cleansing from wrong is vital.

Eyelids shield the eye from strong lights by covering it, allowing us to sleep better.

All of this is connected to, coordinated with and controlled by the brain. Every aspect has to work harmoniously with the rest of the body. Eyelids are a small but an amazing part of our Creator’s work. They did not come about by accident. They teach us that we also need to guard, clean and care for our spiritual life.

Thank you, Lord, for eyelids!

Henry Wiebe

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