Wolf Cub Creek flowing high

South of McKinney Rd (Oliver Parks and Recreation)

Flood this morning but staff quickly cleared branches and debris from inlet to underground culvert

Picture credit – Canada Fit

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How depressing

Weather outlook changes – less sun next week

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Vintage car swap meet – are you guys ready? – about 1 hr to go

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First light – "yes it would be nice if there was a plan"

Rd 9 at site of old Haynes Packinghouse. How many times have these culverts been “dug” up ?

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Are you a "birder" ?

Photographer Edwin Dukes says ” I could not find this species in the BIRD book.
Do you know what it is? HELP

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Think about it with Joseph Seiler

To have cred, as they say on the street, is to have credibility, almost authority, certainly believability. How does one get some? Consistent behaviour brings credibility as it provides examples that give testimony. Those testimonials, over time, build personal character credit, just like a history of financial stewardship can build a financial credit line. If I have cred people will back me up, support me.
A credential is a recognition of having attained/learned an ability, usually confirmed with testing of some kind. Credentials bring the image of papers with signatures and maybe official stamps etc. Those papers are issued by the testing agent. Getting a credential can take a long time. Getting your papers, some call it, is often a rite of passage into a profession. The credential is proof that you belong there.
To be credible is to be many positive things. To be incredible… wait, isn’t that supposed to be good too? If I say incapable that means not capable, but incredible means over the top, amazing, unbelievable and may not refer to credibility at all. Is the English language incredibly strange or what? I could be incredibly irresponsible. That does not sound good like Mr Incredible and the whole Incredible family.
I can gain credits by shopping at certain stores. Those, if I collect enough of them, give me credit toward future purchases in that store. Can I gain credit, become more credible from/with another person? If you feel that I am credible you might lend me your bicycle. If not, you probably wouldn’t. Politicians have a big challenge with credibility. Their credibility seems to go up and down. Inconsistency equals low credibility.
To be discredited is to undo credibility, to be stricken from the rolls of the membership and to be denied privileges. It takes a long time to become creditable and even longer to regain credibility if lost. Being credible is to be trustworthy. If I have at some time been discredited, even if the accusation is not true, it can be very hard to receive the trust of others again. Well, I think you are credible. Just saying.

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On the Sunnyside

Child of the King
Many have dreamed of being part of a royal family. They imagine how fantastically great that would be. Now the talk has been about the line-up for the throne in England. The current queen, in spite of many challenges and not being faultless, has been a positive example of what a committed monarch should be like. Singing “God Save the Queen” may well have significant meaning. Although the media may convey a picture of delight for royalty, this sentiment isn’t always the reality.
Harriett Buell was walking home from a Sunday morning church service one day when kings must have been mentioned. Thoughts about life in a royal family must have been running through her mind. What would that be like? Then she realized that she already was in an even better royal family. As part of the family of God she already was a child of the king! She was so taken by the thought that upon reaching home she wrote a poem that included these words.
My Father is rich in houses and lands, He holds the wealth of the world in His hands.
Of rubies and diamonds, of silver and gold. His coffers are full – He has riches untold.
A tent or a cottage, why should I care? They’re building a palace for me over there!
Though exiled from home, yet still I may sing: All glory to God, I’m a child of the King!
It’s even brighter up ahead.
Henry Wiebe

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may 1st Tuesday

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Friday – five pictures to set up the weekend

Digging near Hwy – Rd 8-9 culverts overloaded from Tinhorn Creek flow – Firemen called to do flood assessment

Hester Creek to the south acting up – not really – wait and see

Below Sportsman’s Bowl – normal small creek bed is a river with the increasing flow from upstream

Secrest Hill Rd – work continues to open road to traffic. 3rd culvert installed and….;…

Tiger Dams laid on farm land adjacent to road at Sportsman’s Bowl. Will take the weekend to fill and activate for control. Once that is done roadway may become operable and residents allowed back into their homes.

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Weekend poll question

Do you have a suggestion?
Exact words please

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MP to tour flooded areas – says National Park talks discuss concerns

Discussions with MP Richard Cannings
“but would like to get down to Oliver and see the flood situation—haven’t looked at it since I was last in the riding a couple of weeks ago”


All I know is from Parks Canada that another intergovernmental meeting was held recently (last week I think), and that the Minister has asked her staff to talk directly with the ‘No’ side to discuss concerns.
I’ll let you know if I hear any other news.
Cannings said trilateral meetings between the provincial and federal governments and area First Nations are happening more frequently.
“I’ve been talking to Catherine McKenna almost daily about the park, just to keep her updated on where things are going, what the concerns are and how might she deal with those,” he said.
“I think she was disappointed with how slow things were going in terms of getting the talks going between the governments parties and also community groups that have concerns. I’m hopeful that will pick up again now.”
Cannings said he is satisfied with the apparent appetite from the federal government to push the process forward.
Source: with files from Castanet

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BC Wild Fire – services take up residency

BC Wildfire Crew Camp
Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resources Operations – BC Wildfire Service will be setting up  a crew camp at the Oliver Airport.  The crew is onsite to help support emergency operations in the Town and RDOS.
Residents are advised that there may increased traffic, noise and dust in the area from this operation.
At this time the term is dependant on current emergency situations.

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Positive spin – Sunny skies today and Monday

Source: Environment Canada

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Down the aisle

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Quote of the week

“We could have helped the situation a year ago, two years ago, in 2013.
Nobody ever wants to take any advice in these departments,” she said, adding “This has to be fixed for other years. This can’t continue.”
Donna Cooke – Willowbrook – at public meeting Wednesday
Source: Black Press Digital

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Saturday – final performance

Live Link to SOAP website

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A field of dreams

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Area of concern

Large format picture – press

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Word of the day – impoundment

Impoundment – refers to Water control
The result of a dam, creating a body of water
A reservoir, formed by a dam
Picture of Gold Tau Road – Willowbrook with its impoundment at left

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Beaver problem at Park Rill will be dealt with….

Electoral Area ‘C’ – (Rural Oliver)
A State of Local Emergency for all of Electoral Area ‘C’ within the RDOS remains in effect.
Approximately 200 members of the public attended the information event Wednesday night at the Oliver Community Centre. Notes from the meeting will be made available to the public on the RDOS EOC website and at the new information center in Oliver. This information center, operated by Emergency Support Services, is located at 6365 Main Street in Oliver (beside MLA Larsen’s office), and will be open two hours per day to supply residents with information and support. Office will be open first of next week.
Park Rill: FLNRORD, with coordination from DFO and Ecosystems, will start removing obstructions including beaver dams on channel at Park Rill. Pumping continues at the station on lower Island Way Road from the oxbows to into the Okanagan River channel. A third pump is being added today.
Sportsman Bowl:
12 properties north of the Town of Oliver remain on Evacuation Order, due to the potential of debris flow and overland flooding
Secrest Hill Road: MoTI is continuing to manage the pumping along Secrest Hill Road.
The community of Willowbrook is still under a State of Local Emergency. Tiger dams installed this week to assist with flooding and high water levels.
NEW: An evacuation alert has been issued for one property located at the end of Goldtau Road. A water impoundment has formed behind the road. MOTI will do a controlled breach to draw down and relieve the impoundment which will make this road inaccessible during that time.
Roads 6 thru 9: RDOS, MOTI and FLNRORD are looking at drainage designs to install new culverts to increase the flow of water safely through that area and into the Okanagan River channel.
Source: RDOS EO Centre

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banner bush

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Double the service

At the Cottages in Osoyoos at about 6pm
Dispatch in Kelowna said structure fire and Oliver Fire Department was on the scene quickly.
Osoyoos Fire Department arrived shortly after.
No smoke seen – No fire seen.
6 units in total responded and then left the scene.

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Mystery solved …. ?

Large culvert installed but not operational

Secrest Hill Rd has two large pipes to carry water under roadway – A third culvert now installed designed we think for the freshet if such high levels result this spring
It is not operational at the moment.
Government says it has spent 2.5 million dollars so far on the SO flood mitigation project.

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Report – Osoyoos RCMP

Phone/Internet Fraud
Over the last week the Osoyoos RCMP received multiple reports of phone and computer scams. One scam which has become common during tax season centers around the victim being told they have a debt owed to a government agency and a warrant has been issued for their arrest. The victims are often asked for personal information and provided avenues of how to pay the debt to have the warrant vacated. The caller/fraudster often becomes threatening or uses coercive language. People are reminded to not provide any personal information and to not send money to these fraudsters. If in doubt, call the police or the government agency directly.
A second scam that has resurfaced this week involves a phone call to a person advising them their loved one has been arrested and in order for them to be released, bail in a given amount must be paid. The caller/fraudster may ask for personal information including banking information or advise the person to go to the bank and make a deposit to an account. The caller/fraudster often becomes threatening or uses coercive language. In one recent call the fraudster used a phone spoofing app and called a victim making it appear the call was from their relative’s phone, making the scam even more believable. People are reminded that bail can be paid at your local court house and in most cases your local police station. Again, if in doubt, call the police detachment directly for where the loved one is said to be held.
Bicycle Pedestrian Safety
With the warmer weather now upon us the Osoyoos RCMP would like to remind driver’s to watch for pedestrians or persons on bicycles, scooters, etc. As well, those on bicycles or scooters are reminded to adhere to the safety rules of the road. Dismount and walk your bicycle or scooter across a crosswalk, make eye contact with the vehicle driver before crossing, wear a helmet, have a bell and at night ensure you wear reflective clothing and have lights to make it easier for drivers to see you. Parents are encouraged to speak to their children about ways to stay safe while riding a bicycle or scooter.
51 Year Old Male Charged with Break and Enter
In late March and early April the Osoyoos RCMP responded to a rash of break and enters and thefts from recreational trailers/motorhomes on Lakeshore Drive, Osoyoos. On April 7, 2018 51 year old Scott Andrew PAQUETTE was arrested after he was found to be unlawfully in a recreational trailer on Lakeshore Drive.  PAQUETTE attended court on April 23, 2018 where he was convicted of Break and Enter and sentenced to 120 days jail followed by 18 months of probation.

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Getting serious about sandbagging

Large machine installed at OFD training grounds, pallets to put sand bags on and manpower.
Speaking of manpower lots of men and women at OCC to do time.

Sand bag operation at OCC

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Tuned in

On April 17 Tuesday 6286 Unique Computers logged in to see the news
On April 21 Saturday 6843 Unique Computers logged in to see the latest
Thanks for tuning in.

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Vandalism on river dyke

Ed Machial was working on the tiger dams at Willowbrook. When he came home to Sawmill Rd he found a hose had been cut by vandals. That hose was draining excess water on his property into Okanagan River. The hose was covered so bikes and walkers could ride over it. He had permission from the government to pump to the river in this time of high ground water levels.

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Garbage strewn all over …..at Madden Lake*

Metal and plastic car parts dumped on Madden lake road. IT IS FREE TO TAKE METAL TO LANDFILL!!!
Rocky Lundy – *hey Jack you are up side down lol


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Angry residents demand answers – and better communication

Credit Global Okanagan

The 6:30 RDOS information meeting this evening was an emotional event as some of the Area C residents affected by recent flooding shared their frustration with the audience in the Community Center.
270 plus residents attended the meeting and before the spokespeople for Provincial Ministries, Area ‘C’ Director Terry Schafer and Bill Newell CAO of RDOS could finish their overview of the situation, members of the audience were interrupting and demanding explanations of why the water flows had not been anticipated based on past local history.
The Province attempted to explain how the flooding was being dealt with, but the focus quickly changed to “why was this allowed to happen in the first place?”
Above average snow packs and rain have certainly played a significant role in the disasters but, Beavers are also a real problem with their dam building activities. One resident stated that there are 22 Beaver dams in the flood areas which have caused significant back up of water.
Another angry resident stated that he had destroyed Beaver dams on his property only to be confronted by law enforcement officials who told him he was violating Provincial laws. However it appears residents can legally shoot Beavers on their property provided they do it in a humane manner and do not leave the animal suffering. (This could lead to a Charge of ‘Illegal discharge of a firearm’ so residents need to be sure of their rights in this regard).
The most consistent complaint was lack of foresight, lack of communication and a somewhat flippant attitude on the part of a couple of Ministry employees.

It is difficult to report all the comments made and to be fair there were some residents who defended efforts being made and suggested their neighbors should trust the Ministries to do their job. This support drew rounds of applause, but the prevailing theme was too-little-to-late as was evidenced by one resident who broke into tears and could not speak.
CAO Bill Newell explained that the RDOS did declare a Local State of Emergency but the RDOS has very little financial leeway under Provincial Statute therefore the RDOS cannot arbitrarily move money from one account to another.
After listening to one very angry resident state he is “disgusted with the way this flooding is being handled”; he stated his children were suffering extreme anxiety due to water flood in their house. He further stated that “he wanted answers to his questions and challenged the Ministries and the RDOS to do a much better job of communicating actions and progress
by Pat Hampson

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ODN’s extensive around the clock coverage of slides, overflowing lakes, streams and creeks will continue but we would like to pause and thank a few people who made it possible:
Gary and Lloyd Cook
Terry Schafer
Jim and Shelley Stewart
Jeanie and Dennis Tomlin
Gail and Ken Blidook
Allen Lamb
Gail Erickson
Rose and Stan Marshall
and the people of Rural Area C
Michelle Weisheit
Jim Stanley
Rick Knodel
Chief Lanz and his volunteers
June Reynolds
and the people of Willowbrook
Chief Graham and his large crew
Janie and John Hood
Art Riome
Matt Agostinho
Brian McDonald
Bruce Hamilton
Linda and Ken Nunweiler
Karen and Ryan Skaros
Ed Machial
Paul Johnson and Gail Bariskill
Sandra Smith
Linda Anderson
Penticton Western
Global Okanagan
RDOS ECO staff for answering some tough questions

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