Pee Wee hockey 45 years ago – does this relate?

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1975/76 submitted by Lindsay Peterson

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4 Responses to Pee Wee hockey 45 years ago – does this relate?

  1. John Nunes says:

    Back row left to right
    Butch Peterson, Mike McGuinnes, Pat Johnson, Rob Brisco, John Nunes, Don Janzen, Mike Johnson
    Front row left to right
    Jeff Irving, Aron Craigie, Rob Kid, Rob Evans, Dave Sayban

    This would be midget level. Think I have them all correct.

    • David Sabyan says:

      Looks like you got it 100% John! Now if we could only remeber all the nick names. Cool photo, thanks for posting.

  2. David Sabyan says:

    Pat Johnson, Mike Johnson, Robert Kidd, John Nunes, Robert Evens, Geoff Irving and one of the handsome Sabyan’s just can’t remember his first name. I’d be guessing at a few others.

  3. bob barker says:

    No bites

    Is that a zakall? a couple of johnsons, maybe a John Nunes, maybe a brimacombe?

    Too bad the quality of the picture not better.

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