Public meeting Wednesday on SOGH Renovations

A slide show, a few speeches, a question and answer session – all put on by the SOS Medical Foundation which is contributing $280 thousand dollars as an add on to a government project of fixing the ER at the Oliver Hospital

Speaking above is Carey Bornn – Executive Director of the Foundation.

Questions centred in on staff levels of doctors, wait times in Emerg….

No doctors were in the house today. Carl Meadows of IHA said once the renovations are complete he is confident that more doctors will desire to serve in the SOGH ER. He was asked about fee schedules but stated only that Doctors in Penticton are paid a salary and those in more rural areas – compensated on a fee for service basis. A couple of comments from the public about how waiting is onerous in a triage system where the patient in the most need gets attention and others no matter when they arrived may have to wait for hours. The assembled also praised the nurses and staff at the hospital for their care. Acute care manager Sara Evans explained all the changes which centred in on better integration of waiting rooms – one common area for admissions, ER and lab registration with less foot steps for those in need.
Nurse Theresa Fortune was the main speaker on the short video about the changes in the hospital.

(See engineering drawings elsewhere)

Only the Mayor of Osoyoos attended. No Mayor of Oliver, No chair of the Regional Hospital District nor any council members from Osoyoos or Oliver.

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7 Responses to Public meeting Wednesday on SOGH Renovations

  1. bill eggert says:

    Regional director was with me at a meeting with Parks Canada concerning Water licenses. I believe both the MLA and the MP’s respective houses are in session.
    I really wanted to go to this meeting. They even called, but alas even though it was high priority, my water license trumps my health….. for now…..

  2. David Mattes says:

    Has it occurred to anyone that council may already be informed about the expansion?

  3. Mary Lou Ellan says:

    Most of our reps do have day jobs. Maybe this meeting should have been held in the evening so working people could attend.

    Publisher: Thanks Mary Lou – two of the people in Quebec City have day jobs. Another is retired. As Larry has indicated he was at work.

    I guess this was a PR exercise – no town staff, no doctors, two ex politicans and Sue from Osoyoos – based on previous high level concern – not much interest with many seats empty in a small hall.

    Dave – yup you may have been briefed but being seen at a public forum is very important IMHO.

  4. publisher says:

    Mayor Martin Johansen, Petra Veintimilla Aimee Grice in Quebec City for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual convention.

    Four other councilors were in Oliver. Rural Area Director here as well.

    We will ask Osoyoos how many council members out of time.
    (and that answer is: None of our council members or staff have gone to FCM)

  5. joan nunweiler says:

    Where was our new Mayor, is this how concerned he or any council members are about our SOGH ? They should be concerned and all meetings to do with SOGH be attened .Just because there is an expansion planned does not mean this hospital is out of danger. Not impressed that a rep from town was not there.

    Publisher: Were you there? Didn’t see ya.

  6. says:

    Isn’t that a bit sad that no one from council or rep from Area C could attend this meeting? Thanks for the report Jack.

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