Purchase of ‘Command Car’ for Fire Chief delayed again

Council of the Town of Oliver agreed on one thing – they need more and better information prior to making a decision.

In a two to two vote – a move to scrap the idea for this year failed but the message was clear.

Senior staff need to provide better information on equipment reserves for the Oliver Fire Department.

The Fire Chief had requested that $25,000 be spent from reserves on a used Command Car.

A number of councillors concerned with the lateness of the request that came as a bit of a surprise – with senior management backing this request followed by the new Mayor.

But the majority of council said “we need more information”:

How much is in all reserves related to the Fire Department?
How are those reserves funded if there is no annual surplus in the operations account?
Could a review of all vehicular equipment come up with ways of having some trucks serving a dual purpose etc.

So until a comprehensive report is before council in the months ahead – no authorization has been given for the purchase of a command car.

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