Rick Machial for water councillor

I have lived in Oliver for all of my life. I grew up on farm and learned early that water was the life blood of our tree’s. I still remember changing long aluminum pipes by hand and was sure happy when solid set irrigation was introduced.

I went to school  and graduated from S.O.S.S. I married early as most people did back then. My wife Cathy and I have three grown children two of them also call Oliver their home.

I decided early that farming was what I wanted to do. I also become involved with the political end of farming, representing Oliver as a delegate to the BCFGA for many years. I also sat on the rural APC as a member for many years and as chairman for two rural directors. Was elected to the SOLID board in my mid 20’s, when SOLID was dissolved, I ran and was elected as a water councilor and have served on council in that capacity ever since.

In my early 30’s along with my brother we started a fruit packing business called Fairview Orchards LTD. It has grown over the years and we currently employ 20 people from our community. We pack fruit for approximately 35 farmers along with our own fruit.

My focus on council has always been to insure that the views of rural residents are listened to at the council table with respect to water matters.

Accomplishment’s that I am proud to have given direction on include Canal rehabilitation in early 1990’s, Twinning of the domestic lines in the rural area to get all rural residents drinking clean potable water.

Going forward many issues require effective strong representation. The resolution to the Gallagher lake siphon issue and also the implementation of a new canal rehabilitation study are two that come to mind.

I have always had two main goals in mind; 1. insure that we have a reliable water source for irrigation. 2. Having a safe reliable source for domestic water all the while at a price that remains affordable to the users.

I have the experience and willingness to continue to represent rural residents on council and look forward to their support on voting day

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