Roads in SO dangerous – drive with caution

Reports of up to five inches of snow needs to be cleared off many streets, roads and highways.

It is chilly in the wind at the moment with a forecast of snow and rain mixed. Temperature near freezing.

In Oliver – sidewalks are being cleared. Highway conditions improving – some slushy sections,

slip slide slush and skate

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3 Responses to Roads in SO dangerous – drive with caution

  1. neil seidler says:

    I was out driving around town late last night and the roads were just fine if one were to drive the appropriate speed for road conditions. I have proper tires with good treads, I don’t have studs in my tires because I have never needed them. I had a truck with trailer behind it go right through a red light in front of the car wash, didn’t even try to slow down or stop. Good thing I (saw) seen him coming North at a high rate of speed and I didn’t start to pull out on the green light I had. Today my neighbor took their side by side quad out on the streets and was gone for about an hour or so, this is the third time she’s done this. They have the registration plate on it but I don’t see any license plate on it. Some people seem to think they don’t have to drive safely for road conditions or think they are above the laws of physics and momentum. They seem to be the ones that cry the loudest at the insurance premiums we are forced to pay, I thank them, NOT.

  2. Pat Hampson says:

    Considering the population and budget to run Oliver, the Town’s snow clearing program exceeds that of communities in the Lower Mainland

    • Dave drought says:

      Heck, the town exceeds the clearing in Penticton. We get more than fair value for our snow-clearing budget. But for people in SxS’s, they have no insurance, so they risk everything they own. Illegal activities void your insurance policies, btw. These aren’t educated folks. I have studded snows, $800 with installation, and have had them since 2008. On rims, $25 to swap them twice a year, and not enough winter mileage to worry about. Still 50% or more tread left. They have saved my hide a number of times. I would NEVER work away from home without them during winter. The fact I had studded snows got me more work than others on the crew, because I could actually get there and back. And no legal hassles if I ever get into an accident.

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