Saturday is Opioid Overdose Awareness Day

If you see the Town Hall illuminated with purple flood lights, you’ll know it’s International Overdose Awareness Day on Aug. 31.

In July council directed staff to embark on a social media campaign to promote the awareness and erect lighting to signify the event.

Getting “clean.”
“Dirty” needles.

The language we use to refer to people with substance use disorders can elicit many negative stereotypes.

The overdose crisis continues – in 2018, one life was lost every two hours in Canada. It can happen to anyone.

It’s important that we reduce stigma around people who use drugs and ensure that everyone has access to the health-care services they need, where and when they need them.

Source: Town of Oliver, Interior Health

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3 Responses to Saturday is Opioid Overdose Awareness Day

  1. Lee Ann Wilson says:

    Your Poll asks if one has been personally “touched” by the opioid crisis? To be fair the word should be “effected” from the Personal to the victimized…. there is a wide range of persons that can be included in this Poll and are they going to be honest? How many in our vicinity have been robbed, broke into, personally impacted, emotionally and financially? This year Oliver has had numerous vacationers victimize and those known are the ones that have reached out for help in finding their property on local various media sites. In my opinion!

    Publisher: I have been asked by several people* to take the drug crisis ( number of deaths unusually high – seriously ) I admit not to be affected and wonder about the people that it does affect.

    My question might be worded badly – it is a start. To be clear the word could be AFFECTED but I like a softer word touched. So far the results seem to indicate that most readers – read the news, wonder about it, get informed, find that they can do little about the problem and try to live THEIR life as best they can. Some want to live vicariously. Some are touched or affected with the loss of a family member and for that I am truly sorry.

    Here is a serious question for all of us to consider. Should we have yellow lights on Diabetes Day, Red Lights on Alcohol Abuse Day. I agree with the person who stated. What can we really do and will we do it. Should every concern on the planet have a support group, a day to honour a crisis?

    Sad to say those people referred to * have not made a comment or told their story of how they are/were affected by opioids/drug addictions.

  2. Deborah Ham says:

    To have a day marked as International Overdose Awareness Day, really ?? Overdoses, drug crisis, rarely does a day go by that some newscaster or politician isn’t going on and on about it. What about those on the news that admit to overdosing once, twice in a day or more. Believe me, the public is aware of overdoses.
    The last paragraph is a joke, Interior Health can’t provide the health care and services for those who don’t have and can’t find a family doctor. Where will they find those doctors, nurses and facilities to help those addicted?
    And what name did council think these people should be referred to?
    I agree with Lee Ann.

  3. Lee Ann Wilson says:

    I’m so SICK & TIRED of special days….Awareness is so in your face without them. It’s whats being done to FIX the problems is the question? Only the rich can afford help for addiction issues.. and trying to get the addicted to assume responsibility for their addiction is excruciating difficult. It’s a disease that effects the brain and decision making process. Substituting drugs with methadone or Suboxone and naloxone doesn’t seem to be working. I can only wonder what the costs are for these free products that seem to prolong the issues at hand. Don’t get me wrong… I believe the money can be better used for facilities that home users and rehabilitate (along with the substitutes) with a long term commitment. There are many underlying problems that go along with addictions and need therapy, empathy & love… This isn’t given along with the hand out of substitutes. Yes, I’m angry.

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