Signage needed

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  1. Pat Whalley says:

    Hello George, I think you may be a relatively new reader of ODN if you believe that Jack doesn’t print articles and letters that he doesn’t agree with.

    Jack has definite beliefs but her gives everyone the chance to wave their own banner, even those who have nothing to say but criticism of other contributors.

    This is the true meaning of Free Speech.

  2. Karen Nelson says:

    Well, I know you George and you seem to be blabbering yourself!

    I believe they need to increase the fines, it is a $2000.00 fine for littering, but only a $575.00 for throwing a lit cigarette butt. That makes no sense. The fines should be at least $5000.00, then maybe people will take notice.

  3. Dick Parker says:

    New vehicles have all the modern conveniences , back up cams , dash cams etc , etc ….butt …no ashtray. What ? Easy solution to part of the problem. Just saying.

  4. Mike Hobson says:

    Raise the price of cigarette packs by $10 to fight fires that way maybe idiots will stop discarding them out of car windows. Look at our beaches and parks! 400 plus fires started by humans!

  5. Carolyn Tipler says:

    Unfortunately those who throw butts out of vehicle windows would be unlikely to take any notice of a sign. However I still agree signs would be a good idea.

  6. Rick Knodel says:

    An outstanding idea long overdue. let’s see some serious penalties here also.

    • Rick Knodel says:

      George, I am sorry that you find my support of a serious community issue so offensive. I will try to be more concerned about your delicate self-importance in the future. It is fortunate that you found an outlet your dictates as it would be so inconvenient if thoughtfulness, intelligent conversation and freedom of opinion became common.

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