Smart look on Kootenay Steet

North of Carter’s Bakery/Byer’s Apartments
Congratulations to the new owners – may we see more investment like it

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4 Responses to Smart look on Kootenay Steet

  1. Keith Johnson says:

    Good luck to the new owners. Spin off business from Area 27 and hopefully more to come. This is good for our local economy.

  2. Dave drought says:

    I believe the business is to install specialty exhausts and restraint systems for sports cars. Usual seatbelts aren’t quite up to par for the purpose.

  3. Lawrence Green says:

    So this is the new service garage with plans to include work on Area 27 cars .

    Quite an upgrade from when it was the old Sears store .

    Good wishes to the new proprietors .

  4. Richard Simmons Jr. says:

    Looks good ! But, what is it to be ?

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