Source: Cape Breton Post

BADDECK — Parks Canada is expected to issue a request for proposals within days for a long-term lease to operate the Highlands Links Golf Course and the Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

The Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa and the Highlands Links Golf Course will be available for lease when Parks Canada moves toward privatization and issues a request for proposals for the two properties in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

At the request of Sydney-Victoria MP Mark Eyking, Chip Bird, Parks Canada’s field unit superintendent for Cape Breton, met with officials from the three levels of government in Baddeck this week to discuss the request for proposals.

Eyking said he is concerned that there is no guarantee Parks Canada employees will be getting jobs, or will be able to continue with their medical coverage and pension plans.

“They are cutting back at Fortress Louisbourg and the Bell museum so there isn’t going to be any place for these people if they privatize,” Eyking said. “The government has an obligation to these employees. We are going to be losing government jobs in northern Cape Breton and there aren’t any to replace them.”

Eyking plans to bring the matter up when the House resumes next week.

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