Severe weather warning – ends late Friday

Environment Canada predicts a major storm by noon today


6:24 PM PDT Friday 28 June 2019
Severe thunderstorm watch ended for:
•Central Okanagan – including Kelowna
•North Okanagan – including Vernon
•South Okanagan – including Penticton

Publisher: Not aware of any Severe warning today and nothing materialized.
Some showers, bit of wind, a pole or two down, no thunder or lightning seen!!


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2 Responses to Severe weather warning – ends late Friday

  1. Sam Tibbitt says:

    EC is forecasting a “70 percent chance of showers or thunderstorms near noon”. Not sure where you got “major” storm from?

    Publisher: Private Tibbitt. Oops

    This is a colonel storm which is slightly different than a private or corporal storm. My real guess is the weatherman is wrong…again. Pulled pork at 11 am? I hope to get there if the roads
    are passable.

    • Sam Tibbitt says:

      Sir! How can the forecast be wrong? 70% chance, not 100%. Sir!

      Publisher: The 100 percent certainty is hog on the fork – Tuesday to Sunday. Sir, private, sir.

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