Support for ‘Highway to Healing’

Ye Olde Welcome Inn has just re-opened with its new owners. As a gesture of goodwill to its community, the business held a pig roast last Saturday, November 24th and asked guests to donate to Highway to Healing in lieu of charging for the meal.

Pictured: Board member Cathy Thompson (middle) receiving the donation of a hefty $705 from staff Jacque Ellis (left) and Cindy Whittaker (right)

Board chair Gail Barriskill says “it is heartening to see the wide spread community support for the work we do. With our recent expansion to include families from Osoyoos and OK Falls as well as Oliver, we really need the support.” She goes on to say “We recognize that the small communities in which we live have many opportunities to support worthy causes, and when this new business approached us with their fundraising idea we were grateful to have been chosen.”

On behalf of The Board of Directors and the families we serve, we would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to owners and staff at the new Ye Olde Welcome Inn for their generosity and hospitality

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    1. Sorry we didn’t advertise, although we did put it on our sign, our focus was community driven, and we wanted our core community to be there. We want our pub to be the living room for our community at Gallagher lake.

      Gary Cahill, Jacquie Ellis, Mike and Cindy Whittaker,

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