1. Roy Wood – reporter – Osoyoos Council and special assignments
  2. Mary Fry Designs – graphics
  3. Pat Whalley – weekly column
  4. Fred Steele – weekly column – The Steele Report
  5. Joseph Seiler – weekly column – Think about it
  6. Henry Wiebe – weekly column – On the Sunnyside
  7. Michelle Weisheit – bi weekly column -finance
  8. Sundance Video – Down the Aisle
  9. Photographers: Paul Eby, Ron Peace, Robert Sieben, Edwin Dukes, Dave Whalley, Jeremy Cook, Bernard Bedard, John Chapman, Brandt Leinor, Marjo Koskinen, Paul Johnson
  10. Comments: Pat Hampson, Neil Seidler, Kevin Tomlin, Ed Machial, Bill Eggert, Karen Tribbick , Terry Schafer, Lia Pinske, and many more
  11. All those that use free events and free classified – yes that is all about readership
  12. Baldy Affairs – Sam Smith
  13. Nunes-Pottinger – a fact resource and valued customer
  14. Fotis Sotiros – Firehall Bistro
  15. Oliver Elks – an example of community service
  16. Remedy Rx
  17. Ken Campbell, Deb McCallum and Derek Morgan – Osoyoos
  18. All customers with annual buttons – sometimes 60 – you count them
  19. All customers who used poster advertising including Frank Venables Theatre, Oliver Parks and Recreation, RDOS, School Board and Town of Oliver
  20. Churches of Oliver – Alliance, Park Drive, Catholic, VCCC
  21. Charities of Oliver – Highway to Healing, Knights of Columbus, Oliver Food Bank
  22. If I have forgotten you – help the old guy out with his memory
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