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Election day is October 20th If you want to know what the candidates really think there is perhaps a solution to find out. Where I am in Kelowna there is a page showing all those who are running and there is a contact email address and phone number.

For candidates I don’t know I sent an email asking three questions of importance to me and a few friends who are seeking information. I did this Saturday afternoon and there are a lot of people running for office.

To be fair many are at events and door knocking and I don’t expect many answers until Monday. It is my intention to give all candidates a hearing of sorts before I vote. My questions are part of a job application if I were hiring someone to represent me. Tonight at the time of writing this being Saturday evening I have two responses.

The first gave a positive response to two of my questions and demonstrated they knew what they were talking about on two of the three. The last one being about longer term solutions for affordable housing they had no clue. But well done for a first time candidate. The second was a little different.

It was explained to me his issues were not my issues and he demonstrated little concern for what I thought was important. That allowed me to exclude him from consideration.

Contacting candidates in writing is helpful it is a permanent record of where a candidate is coming from and allows you to assess their ability to handle the job. This is one way to contact your prospective council member from your own home and assess their job application over a coffee without leaving home.

Fred Steele

Fred Steele

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