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The shape of a band is somewhat flat and of narrow width and it is continuous, as in a circle, though it could be another shape. A wedding band has particular meaning as it signifies a promise made between two people. A school band is an orchestra of students playing together. Sometimes, if we are lucky, the band marches while it plays. The band leader wears a really tall hat and has a baton as tall as their shoulder.
A newsstand is a kiosk that sells news papers and magazines. That does not mean that a bandstand is a place that sells bands or band accessories. There used to be a show on TV called American Bandstand which was simply half an hour of popular music that teens could dance to. I didn’t get much from it. Maybe if I had danced? The bandstand part was referring to the live band that provided the music.
A band saw moves a long narrow band of steel with saw teeth on one edge of that band, that is pulled continuously in a taught upright loop. If you pushed a piece of wood against the teeth the wood was sawn. Pretty ingenious. Also pretty dangerous to be around unless you were very careful. Because the band is quite narrow it is fairly easy to rotate the wood being sawn in order to cut shapes instead of just straight cuts.
To band together means more than just meeting. It means infusing a kind of solidarity, togetherness that includes loyalty to each other. Thus, the phrase ‘band of brothers’, suggesting that they are bounds as if brothers. We also have a banded bundle of lumber. A flat narrow metal band is pulled around the lumber and fastened to hold the bundle together.  I suppose that a zip tie is a type of band.
I’ve heard a railroad track referred to as a band of steel. Ribbon, pretty, flimsy, shiny comes to us in a band. A band aid is not something to help a musical or any other kind of band, but rather a short band of pliable material with sticky on one side and a sterile gauze pad in the middle which we place and stick over a small wound. Some refer to a band aid fix meaning temporary and less that what is really needed.

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