Think about it with Joseph Seiler


Bob Marley sings about jam’n in reference to a few folks getting together to sing and play music without structure or direction or an audience. Just jam’n. We kind of live a big percentage of our lives in the same way, kind of just going along, not fully conscious. And that can be OK in a delightful way. We can adopt the jam’n mode of living and enjoy it all more. Jam’n drops all those stressful (euch) rules

To jam together opens up all kinds of possibility. Improvisation is welcomed and celebrated. Want to play the spoons along with that person over there playing guitar, yes, do that. Don’t feel you sing well, great, hum or clap or drum your fingers on the table. Join the jam. Jam of this type is a unique one time, in the moment, expression of feeling. Whew, the relief of release and of being constantly welcomed

The jam we put on our toast is made from fruit. Take out the bigger seeds, like in peaches, mash the fruit to a pulp, add pectin, sugar as a preservative and sweetner, a bit of ascorbic acid (lemon juice will do fine, boil a few minutes, into a jar. Done. If you want jelly, strain out any lumps or small seeds etc. Jam is a little kid memory food. The memory of jam is also therefore an adult comfort food. Yum

A jam is when something is stuck because it is not aligned, as when a drawer that needs to be opened and, drat, it fights us all the way. That drawer is jamming. To be jammed into an elevator is to be squeezed into it like sardines in a can. A jammed freeway won’t let the cars flow. Too many cars for the capacity of the freeway (or folks for the elevator). Sometimes it is good to jam in one or two more, like when pickling cukes

While in a jam it can feel like I don’t have options to get unstuck. I can be in a business jam. If it is financial the bank may be part of my jam (and no, I don’t want to be stuck in an elevator with my banker at such a time). Something a bit drastic is often needed to dislodge the jam. If it is a river jammed with ice and logs, dynamite is appropriate. Other jams are easier. People in a jam need a hand.

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