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To culture is to nurture an environment suitable, even optimal, for growth. A cultured pearl is when man helps nature do Her job in growing the pearl inside the oyster. I wonder why we don’t put more effort into culturing society or at least children in classrooms, or at home? A greenhouse is where plants are cultured. We can go to the zoo and enter a special room where butterflies thrive, so I guess that is also and example of culture in action.

The culture of a group of people is seen in what they do, what they support or eliminate. The institutions that are supported versus those that are not, give a good measure of the culture of the people living in the area. One can get a good understanding of the corporate culture by asking the employees things like, ‘what is it like around here? What kinds of behaviour is supported and what is not?’ Culture is a measure of how things are

Culture is related to cultivating. They both speak to growing or supporting something that is important and invited and nurtured. The farmer cultivates the crop. The ideal culture is one that is symbiotic, where the host and the visitor both benefit. The environmentalists seek a better global culture of mutual benefits to both humans and the earth too. We’re still working on that culture. Not everyone is on board

Family culture is interesting, especially if there are immigrant parents or maybe grandparents living in the house. The source of cultural norms are different for the older and the younger members. The teen cannot understand what Grandma is all up in the air about and Grandma does not understand why grandkid doesn’t seem to have the least bit of understanding about why her direction is so important.


Culture can be built. It needn’t just be an accumulation of happenstance. Look at companies with legendary cultural attributes. Disney, Apple, Zappo, Church communities, Amazon and the generic of the Mom and Pop store, each bring to mind a feeling. Yes, culture generates feelings, hopefully of loyalty, at least for the member within, and hopefully also for the clients and followers.

Culture can be deliberately designed.

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