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To express is to explain, to cleanse myself, to share, to be particular as in to state expressly, ‘I expressly stated no cheese on my sandwich’. To express is a style of communication that reinforces clear understanding. I can also express without words or sounds of any kind, just by the look upon my face. I can express satisfaction or the opposite I can express the opposite by stomping out and slamming the door, hard

The express train or bus or… is the one that gets from A to B with the absolute least number of stops along the way. If a bus, the route is going to be the highest speed road. If a train, like le Train Bleu in southern France, overnight from Nice to Paris and on to Calais, no other stops. And the original was a luxury train started in 1883. That train defines express like no other, well maybe the Orient Express (owned by the same company)

To express is to extrude, like when you squeeze out the milk from an udder or the glue from a tube. I did not know this. So next time I hear, ‘what are you doing dear?’ I may be able to honestly answer that I am expressing new caulk around the base of the bathtub. I wonder how long I will need to wait to use that one? So to express is to put it out there. It is the end of holding back.


Expressing is demonstrating, in a very wide range of ways. Artists do this for a living. Sir Laurence Olivier once performed a Shakespearean play so superbly, his expression completely overwhelmed the audience. When asked how he did it. He wept and said “I don’t know”. Expression comes from deep within, almost a spiritual manifestation. Expressing is the Sacred relief valve

There are rules, so it seems, about expressing. Sometimes it is allowed, and sometimes definitely not. Why is that? I’m thinking it might be because pure expression is indeed Sacred and is so ‘big’ that we really are at a loss about what to do with it. The artist paints, the actor acts, the writer ‘expresses’ in a way that moves thousands.

Wow! Expressing is big!

When was the last time you truly expressed yourself?

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