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One can contest the declared outcome of a contest. Whoa. A contest is a competition with rules of play and a winner and the rest of the players are referred to as the losers. The players are contestants. When the winner is declared someone might, for some reason, believe the judge made an error and the correct winner was not as declared, so they contest the outcome, meaning they believe the winner was someone else

Just because I don’t believe the correct winner was declared and I contest the result of a contest, does not guarantee that the judges will reconsider. Think of Bush vs Gore in the US Presidential election. There was talk etc but soon enough Mr Bush simply started to move into the White House and Mr Gore went quiet. Some contests are harder to explain than others. What do you think?

A funny thing about us humans is that we can have a contest going inside our head all by ourselves. I can self compete with you about anything and it seems quite a fruitless kind of contest. If I, in my mind, win, I can feel guilty. Not much of a win in that. If I decide I have lost the contest I feel lousy too. Sheesh, this can be lose, lose and I do it anyway and again and again. Hmmm? Funny lot, us humans

A contest can have a consequence of life or death or a stuffed toy. The contest and result can be almost anything we choose. Gladiators in the Coliseum had to win by killing their opponent or die themselves. Contestants compete. Or do they. Is the lottery a contest, or something less? Is playing the stock market a contest. What about playing bridge? If there are winners and losers there is potentially a contest afoot

There are contests and contestants and results to contest. Out of it all I most enjoy the kind at the community picnic in the field at the park. Children and adults and dogs vying to win the three legged race. Who can toss the ball into the bucket. Finding the contestant that can eat the most donuts in one minute. Now those are fun contests. There it is. Contests can be fun and I choose those. Which do you like?

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