This is wrong

Location Salamander Avenue at Meadows Drive.

I have been watching a bit of a drama unfold at this corner recently with at least 1 person (kind hearted she thinks) bringing apples and water for the local deer.

A couple of weeks ago the same person was seen cutting saplings from trees to make it easier for deer to forage.

Some people call me the ” old grump ” because I call like I see it. This is wrong.

Deer have their habitat and we have built our homes, condos, apartments and senior’s home on their territory. But deer and other wildlife know how to survive – and not by relying on humans.

Deer move to the river for water, deer move to greener pastures when one spot is no longer useful.

Interference in this cycle can bring in cougars looking for young food. Even rats can be attracted.

If I am wrong – hunters and conservationists will tell me.

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18 Responses to This is wrong

  1. Jan Foss says:

    After many years growing a garden & supplying ourselves & some neighbours with fresh, free, produce, we now find that our beets ( love the tops & others love to make borscht ) have been gnawed away by Voles, probably, according to our research, we may now not be able to have a garden as we do not want to contribute to a growing problem. We have never had any issues before this year, but we guess we will have to stop. Sorry, friends & neighbours!

  2. Carolyn Tipler says:

    A BC man has recently been fined $2000 for feeding Timbits to a bear along the Alaska Hwy – it is illegal to feed wildlife period.

  3. Linda Venables says:

    It is all great until the animals get to comfortable and expect the food on a regular basis. Then they become aggressive and might need to be killed before they injure the person with the big heart. They also will stop looking for food where they should live. It is illegal to bait animals and feeding them can be considered baiting. Conservation could be alerted and the generous person feeding the critters could be fined. Leaving any fruit will also draw in Bears, rats etc.

  4. Judy Judy Hoy says:

    When the bears come with their cubs she may change her mind when someone’s life there is endangered. We had a mother bear tonight just after supper right down by my house. We live on Leighton Crescent and are not on the wildlife turf but they are invading ours. We called the proper authorities before someone got hurt or one of their pets did.

    • Linda Venables says:

      Best to scare them away but calling the CO’s usually ends up with the animal being euthanized.

      Publisher: We should deal with the human problem first and work on the animals later.

  5. JoAnn Turner says:

    I get deer in my yard all the time. My yard is part of their regular route (I think a previous owner fed them) and has been for decades, many generations of deer, so it would be hard for me to change that, so I just need to live with it. But feeding them is interfering with them. I would rather not encourage them to come closer to me or to associate me or my home with food, because they’re still wild animals.

  6. Jim Anderson says:

    Penticton has a large rat population. They have had a problem for several years and are doing little about it. It will not be long before Oliver has the same problem. Once rats establish a community it does not take long for them to multiply and in fest the area. If a rat ends up in HH the staff may do something about the feeding situation. If the woman is attacked by a deer then maybe they will do something then. I can see the pail and we have watched the woman on several occasions for a long time from our living room window.

  7. sylvain chabot says:

    You are right Sir , this is wrong.

    Unfortunately nowaday it seems like there is a lot of people that dosent make the difference between Walt Disney fable and Real life.
    Just remember this guy that thought that he could befriend Grizzly bears and live with them…..May he rest in peace….

  8. Lee Ann Wilson says:

    Perhaps a conservationist or someone with the same information could hold a short info meeting at Heritage House…. keeping it general information rather than point fingers…. they are seniors with good intentions and perhaps lonely. Connecting to the animals right or wrong may be the only way this person still feels connected to “something”

    Publisher: I used an address – I made no reference to HH or its residents. I tried to point out where the potholes are – I am not the paving crew.

    • Lee Ann Wilson says:

      True that Jack… although your followers have implied HH. I was making a suggestion only to those that are pointing fingers.

  9. Pat Whalley says:

    I can understand someone thinking they are “helping wildlife” but we shouldn’t interfere with them or they get used to an unnatural food source.

    There is a very misguided person who arrives in a vehicle to an empty lot, near my home on Cactus Street. This person dumps all sorts of food like stews, etc., on the grass. The only things she is attracting is rats and roaming dogs. I cannot understand this action of dumping meat based products on the ground at any time of year, but especially in the heat of summer.

    Whoever you are, please stop this practice, it helps no wildlife to eat rotten food.

  10. Bill Calhoun says:

    This person will not stop, she has all animal lovers behind her. The news is so full of incidents with dogs, cats, deer, ect, being hurt or abused that when a human is injured or killed, becomes second or not important. This is the biggest problem, we have to stop sensationalizing most animal incidents when did this become news in my opinion.

    Publisher: Are you accusing me of sensationalizing a bad situation. Should cops stop reporting on accidents and murders.

    This is a legal issue with many complications. It is wrong, most likely not legal and should stop. People who think cougars, bears and deer are just characters in a kids movie are not living in the real world.

    • Bill Calhoun says:

      I am only referring to the reporting of animal encounters, as some people seem to think it is more important than people being injured or murdered. I feel that we are over reporting animal incidents because the animals are so cute.

  11. Eleanor Moyer says:

    Another thing the woman I talked to at HH mentioned was that bread was one of the food items being left out for the deer. But apparently bread can actually be fatal if the deer eat too much of it. So the “kind-hearted” woman could be hurting them more than helping them. Someone in authority needs to explain this to her.

    Publisher: I would not use the word – help. This lady is satisfying her own emotional needs – the deer are fine on their own.

  12. Carolyn Tipler says:

    You are correct and this practice is so wrong and likely against the law. I hope a Conservation Officer will see your post and make comment.

  13. Dani Wirth says:

    Totally agree

  14. Maureen Bott says:

    I am not a conservationist either, but I recognize the dangers of encouraging wild animals to visit urban areas. I’m very sorry we have taken over their habitat, but that was beyond my control .

    I love deer, they look very cute and cuddly, BUT, they are wild and should stay wild.

    Whomever is putting out “food” for “their deer”, PLEASE STOP. If you continue and the deer become so habituated to finding the food you supply there may be no way for them to be be relocated.

  15. Eleanor Moyer says:

    One of the residents at Heritage House told me that the woman who does this has been told several times not to, but she has continued to do so. Perhaps if she knew it would attract cougars and rats, she would stop.

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