Traffic calming forum to look at “where”

Good example of Traffic Calming
Comment on where you think “traffic calming” should take place in Oliver

Date: Tuesday December 4th
Time: 4:30 to 7:30 pm
Place: Community Hall

Open House format – Town of Oliver

A good example of where traffic calming is needed

19 Replies to “Traffic calming forum to look at “where””

  1. Consider the remaining parts of Station Street, the remnants of Centennial Park and this new little park all part of the same project.
    a. Re-construct Centennial Park, there exists plenty of room to do so, in fact there exists enough room to expand it.
    b. Install a new trailer dump; I am almost certain that our planners wouldn’t have forgotten to include the plumbing tie ins in all the new infrastructure that we paid so dearly for to placate the Coast Hotel.
    c. Finish to the north, the paving, utilities infrastructure and beautification of Station Street.
    d. Invite Chief Louie and whomever designed their office structures to come in and design and install a native theme to the entire Station Street area. The OIB office structure is without question the most innovative and beautiful design I have leveled my eyes on in this entire region. Inside and out.
    e. Don’t make the issue of ‘Traffic Calming’ more complicated than it need be. Reduce the speed limit on any street within 500 meters of the junction of 97 and Fairview. 40km maybe even 30km in some spots.
    f. See to it that traffic enforcement exists. Clearly the RCMP is tied up with bigger issues, so explore the idea of: red light and speed cameras that automatically generate tickets/fines for the owner of the vehicles who chose to put us all at risk. Many communities in BC are doing the same.
    Integrating with OIB on issues such as these might just pave the way for more cooperation with respect to other important matters of the day; like crime. I might also allow our youth to see that this community respects those of us who came before us and provide inspiration to them and our tourist guests that our only focus is not solely on the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

  2. I hope that the Town staff and council will remember the orchardists when they plan for ‘traffic calming’. Many farmers haul their fruit into and out of town boundaries. The shaking and bouncing of a truck as it goes over rumble strips and speed bumps will damage the fruit. It doesn’t take much. Roundabouts will be difficult to negotiate with a truck and trailer, and even a truck loaded with boxes.
    It is very necessary that the council allow the water councillors, to take part in all of town council. Then farmers, who are too busy to attend forums, would have a voice on issues such as this. The Community Charter does say: 83 (1) A council may seek community opinion on a question that the council believes affects the municipality, by voting or any other process the council considers appropriate. (via water councillors?)

    (2) The results of a process under this section are not binding on the council.

    1. Roundabouts can be constructed to accommodate large vehicles, up to “B-trains”. If the driver is careful, and not being paid by the ton/hour,
      damage should be avoided.

    2. Yes this is true, but the amount of land required is substantial, and it’s not always the combination length, but the wheel base that affects the ability of a vehicle to negotiate a curve or a corner. It’s bad enough now for some vehicles to make the right turns at the intersections. Not mention the approximately $90K for a round-a-bout.

      As much I was against photo radar when it was here 15+ yrs ago, I believe that is one of the best solution to the problem at hand!

  3. One must remember that we have all kinds of traffic using our streets, so some of the traffic calming solutions may not work in all situations. In the top photo of this article we see a raised crosswalk, one must see what happens when they plow this street, we have all seen the broken curbs hit by plows and sections of packed snow when the plow doesn’t catch an area of the street. Roundabouts can be hard for bigger trucks hauling logs, fruit or lumber. Not to mention most people, those that don’t follow the rules of the road, don’t signal when leaving these roundabouts, I see this often in Penticton, Summerland and Kelowna. As well as people speeding through these traffic calming (slowing) devices. I agree with another commenter that says bring back photo radar, he hit the nail squarely on the head about, it’s the speeders that call it a cash grab. No speeding no cash grab! I for one am tired of tailgaters, tired of drivers going past me at 20, 30, 40 and even 50 Km/hr faster than the posted speed. Maybe a good thing would be photo radar and a loss of safe driving discounts with ICBC for first ticket, or even a doubling of rates for those caught twice or for those with excessive speed, take their vehicle away permanently, crush it. I am also tired of having people pass me on double solid lines, cutting corners on curves on the highway and in town as well as at the intersections in town. It seems that many drivers have no idea or don’t care as to where their vehicle is on the road surface when they drive. It seems that too many drivers feel it is their right to drive and their right to drive terribly, recklessly, aggressively and without care for others on the roadway. And the sad part about it, they often injure and kill those they don’t even know, let alone care about.

  4. You want people to slow down? Only one thing works, and that is enforcement. And photo radar used to be the most economical, and the most effective, method out there to catch speeders. When present, the effects are immediate. Without it, meh… And the drivers that claim “cash grab” are the same drivers that have no respect for other drivers and their families. So, do people actually want a solution, or are they just venting? Likely, the latter, as demonstrated by the habits of a number of Oliver drivers, in my opinion.

  5. I was surprised that no one mentioned the Speed way on what used to be called Tucelnuit Dr. To say that drivers exceed the limit there is an understatement.

    1. Well said John, ignorance of the posted speed limit will continue until enforcement is stepped up and traffic calming measures are invested in. When I ran the speed watch program Tuc El Nuit drive and the SOSS School zone were some of the worst spots for speeders. Yes I volunteered a lot of hours but seemed to make no difference.

  6. Rockcliffe Rd. This is the main artery through the neighbourhood with kids walking on the road because there are no sidewalks.

  7. I live in Tumbleweed Mobile Home Park right off of Hwy 97 north. The main entrance is directly opposite the 80kilemeter per hour speed sign. I usually maintain a speed of 60 when approaching the entrance, even though we have already passed the 70 sign, prior to which I signal 3 times that I will be turning soon, but many drivers just tailgate my car and then pass to my right, on the shoulder, as I am braking to make the turn left. This tends to be dangerous, as sometimes there is a huge truck heading towards me, leaving less space to pass me on the right shoulder. I have had some close calls with one semi behind me and another coming towards me. Many of the residents here share my concern. We have asked for a turning lane to be created but so far no results.

    1. Passing on the right in BC is only allowed where there are two marked travel lanes – with one exception. (BC MVA s.158)

      Even so, there is at least one very interesting BC Court of Appeal case (Smeltzer v Merrison) that has looked closely at the meaning of s.158 and, as I read it, even that ‘one exception’ is not sustained.

      Leaving the roadway to pass on the right is a violation and that is what you are describing. Impatience, ignorance, and impulsiveness can’t change the fact.

  8. The intersection of McKinney Road and Spillway Road at the Petrocan needs improvements to increase safety. A 5 way stop perhaps?

  9. Traffic calming is great but lets figure out a way for better traffic flow and safety at the library intersection. Trying to get through that intersection is not easy and even worse during summer and that was before the extra traffic to the Hotel. I hear people ask why they don’t put a roundabout.Why not ?
    Traffic calming would be great between Ice Arena and Hospital.

    Publisher: Audrey please get Mark to use both names when posting on ODN thanks

  10. Plan on attending the forum and would like to add McKinney,Black sage rd ,spillway rd and tuc el unit drive corner in front of the petro Canada …..extremely busy intersection with poor visibility…..also many lead footed drivers heading up to Area 27

  11. Will not be home for the forum, but would like to add the racetrack, aka Mountainview Drive to the list. This long and fairly stretch of road with no stop signs, no speed bumps and lead footed drivers needs some “calming”.

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