Traffic delays necessary to get the pipes in the ground

Phase one of five phases of an $11 million project to supply municipal domestic water to 450 users in the Osoyoos Rural Area. This phase will see construction of 9.3 km of water main to supply 132 users in the southern half of Irrigation District 8. The estimated total cost of this phase is $3,723,000, with $2,472,000 contributed by Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Grant and the remaining $1,251,000 matching funds coming from municipal water reserve accounts.

Residents in the Osoyoos Rural Area are provided domestic water by the Town of Osoyoos from Irrigation Systems 8 and 9, both of which are supplied from intakes in Osoyoos Lake. A boil water advisory is imposed annually during the irrigation season (April to October) within the service area of Systems 8 and 9 on advice of the Interior Health Authority (IHA). The annual boil water advisories date back at least a decade and reflect non-compliance with the IHA 43210 drinking water standards and the Drinking Water Regulation. Drinking water quality related deficiencies include inadequate disinfection, high turbidity and the lack of a second treatment barrier, i.e. filtration for surface water sources. The project objective is to achieve compliance with IHA standards by providing a separate domestic water distribution system in the rural area which will be supplied by groundwater sources through the Town’s municipal water system. The project will also assist in developing municipal level fire protection and includes water meter installation to assist in achieving water conservation goals.

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