Two groups – ten people in all rescued

Just after midnight July 29, OOSAR was tasked out at the request of the RCMP for 3 overdue subjects who were exploring the Gallagher Canyon area north of Oliver. OOSAR responded with 15 members and equipment, and located two vehicles at the lower access to the Gallagher Canyon.

The team proceeded to do several hasty searches in an attempt to make contact with the subjects.

Through the night, the team was updated that there were 10 in the group, and they had been separated into two groups. Contact was made with one of the groups at 05:00 hr, and they were successfully extracted and brought to OOSAR Base at 07:00hr. Five subjects were unaccounted for, with location unknown and no contact at the time. Contact with this group was achieved via cellphone at 09:00hr.

A request was put in for air support from the RCMP, and AIR 4 arrived at 08:30 hours to assist in locating the group. They flew over the group several times, but were unable to see them due to the canopy of trees. After co-ordinates were obtained from group, AIR 4 was able to make visual contact with the group. The subjects hiked the remaining way to the awaiting OOSAR vehicles located at the base of the canyon. They were assessed by OOSAR members for first aid at 10:20 hr and brought back to the hall.

Release approved by Sgt. Blaine Gervais
Oliver Detachment RCMP

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