Update: New pumps and a new road closure

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) is continuing to implement the plans to control the drainage in the Sportsmens Bowl area. Recent efforts have focused on increasing the capacity to directly pump water from Park Rill Creek into the Okanagan River channel. A fourth pump is currently being installed at the lower Island Way Road location. A fifth pump and drive-over ramp will also be installed along the creek at Park Rill Road. Park Rill Road will remain open for emergency vehicles but will be closed to the public.

Four pumps and 4 outlets drain the south end of Park Rill basin

Efforts to remove restrictions along Park Rill Creek are also continuing. FLNRORD, in coordination with the DFO, is removing obstructions to allow for increasing flows from the Sportsmens Bowl area. Once obstructions are removed and the oxbows on the south side of Hwy 97 at Sportsmens Bowl Road are prepared to receive more water, the Regional District will coordinate with MoTI on the timing of the opening the two new culverts beneath the highway to allow the water to flow into the creek through to the channel.
Residents are reminded that the flood threat will not be over for some time. All sandbags and installed armouring should remain in place as fluctuations in water volumes can be expected throughout the next month of snowmelt. Residents are encouraged to prepare themselves and their properties in the event of flooding, landslides or fires.

Above new creek formed but not yet operating. No real flow at 5pm Sunday

Pump and drive over for emergency vehicles installed and working at Park Rill Rd


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