What’s your tax bill?

I just signed up for the generous Homeowners Grant programme at the Town of Oliver.

My tax bill is $657.18 for twelve months.

I admit it I live outside Vancouver and I am over 65…..and single.

No really where in the world? can you live and pay less than $55 a month for the following:

Paved roads, cemetery, insurance, capital fund financing, sidewalks, sweeping, snow clearing, street lamp posts, elections, pool, arena, garbage, recycling, library, bylaw enforcement, greatest fire department in BC, our share of RDOS costs, community hall, weight room, tennis courts, museum, baseball diamonds, hike and bike trails, dog control, dog pound, signal lights, hanging baskets, pole banners, archives, Rotary Beach, sewer and water parcel lot charges, BC Assessment work, public works yards, trucks, a backhoe, the schools, hospital capital, 911 fire, ambulance and police, sterile insect, tourism promotion, Visitors Info Centre, administration, rezoning, tax collection and fine parks and at the same time subsidize many community organizations and churches on their land taxes.

Think about it.

And yes my house is not big, not on a lake, not new and not in an area of high assessments but really less than cable, less than phone, less than internet.

* figure corrected after I checked with a neighbour’s bill – the Royal Bank had paid half the taxes early – still a bargain at the revised figures

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