Photo Credit – Oliver Chronicle

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10 Responses to Who?

  1. Kay Rotheisler says:

    That is Carole Hoffman Stevens from Osoyoos (was married to Harry Stevens) and Pat Taylor now living in Kelowna (married to the late Ron Taylor.)

  2. Gail Blidook says:

    Carol Stevens and Pat Taylor

    Publisher: One hails from Osoyoos – which one?

    Winner might get a ripe Peach from Paula

  3. Barb Sabyan says:

    Pat Taylor and Audrey Silbernagel? Both, lovely ladies!

    Publisher: quick ladies – one comment is wrong, one lacks details

    First and last names please

  4. Paula Martins says:

    Mrs Taylor and Mrs Stevens, I believe~!

    Publisher: Paula has peaches for sale

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